Versatile role player

As a Marketing Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Writer, Designer –

Orgs. Seeks Corps.

Challenge: Foundation wanted a big idea to help solicit corporate sponsors.
Idea: Serve up an opportunity to be behind the life-changing joy.
Role: Concept + pitch script
Result: Became the organizations go-to set up.

Hello Sports Fans

Challenge: Elevate the professional sports fan experience.
Pieces: Proposals, events, banners, newsletters, more.
Role: Project leadership, concepts, copy, design, more.
Results: 4 year exclusive NHL contract, NFL, NHL & MLS team associations, more.

Movie Party Party Movie

Challenge: Fresh positioning for a new stoner comedy.
Idea: Digital campaign to showcase film as the ideal canna-party accessory.
Role: Concept, copy, art direction, project leadership, more.
Result: Named High Times Top 5 stoner comedies to enjoy with friends.

Getting Personal

Challenge: Creating a digital presence for individuals and their Hollywood businesses.
Idea: Personal portals for a Chef + Financial Manager + Casting Director + Makeup Artist.
Role: Concepts, design, copy, web development, project leadership, more.
Results: Growing roster of Hollywood-based clients.

Gangster Rap

Collaboration: Writer pal with a colorful past.
Topics: Reading, discussion, presentation.
Role: Fresh eye, bended ear, new ideas, etc.
Results: Book and tv drafts, graphic bio, more.

Millennial Deep Dive

Assignment: TV network wanted to learn more about 18-27 year olds.
Process: Sit, talk and get to know the goals, habits and mind-set of this key demographic.
Role: Research, interview, report.
Result: Honest and spirited conversations.

An L.A. Trans Story

Assignment: City of Los Angeles – Paratransit Pitch.
Idea: Designed a modular mobile transit simulator for 300,000 sq. ft in DTLA & satellite facilities + staffing recommendations, process map and digital assessment platform.
Role: Concept, research, creative direction, design, graphics, copy, project leadership, more.
Results: Finalist.

Personnel Chart

Simulator Street Crossing

Process Graphic

Simulator Bus Exterior

Digital Testing Platform

Simulator Bus Interior

Leader of the Pak

Opportunity: Asian Casting Director hopes to better promote diversity in Hollywood.
Created: Logo, Social media, Website, more.
Role: Concept, strategy, headlines, design, more.
Result: Casting Society of America's go-to voice for diversity related media inquiries.

Late Nite Q & A

Challenge: Company preparing to go public was looking to raise their profile with investors and "launch strong."
Idea: Late-night CEO live Online chat forum where potential investors could meet the boss, learn more about the company and get direct answers before the start of the trading day.
Role: Concept, client prep.
Results: Launched strong.