Role player

As Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Writer, Designer –

Orgs. Seeks Corps.

Challenge: Foundation wanted a big idea to help solicit corporate sponsors.
Idea: Serve up an opportunity to be behind the life-changing joy.
Role: Concept + pitch script
Result: Became the organizations go-to set up.

Hello Sports Fans

Challenge: Elevate the professional sports fan experience.
Pieces: Proposals, events, banners, newsletters, more.
Role: Project leadership, concepts, copy, design, more.
Results: 4 year exclusive NHL contract, NFL, NHL & MLS team associations, more.

Movie Party Party Movie

Challenge: Fresh positioning for a new stoner comedy.
Idea: Digital campaign to showcase film as the ideal canna-party accessory.
Role: Concept, copy, art direction, project leadership, more.
Result: Named High Times Top 5 stoner comedies to enjoy with friends.

Getting Personal

Challenge: Creating a digital presence for individuals and their Hollywood businesses.
Idea: Personal portals for a Chef + Financial Manager + Casting Director + Makeup Artist.
Role: Concepts, design, copy, web development, project leadership, more.
Results: Growing roster of Hollywood-based clients.

Gangster Rap

Subject: Writer with a colorful past.
AssignmentGraphic bio
Result: Became lead item in helping to shop new projects.

Millennial Deep Dive

Assignment: TV network wanted to learn more about 18-27 year olds.
Process: Sit, talk and get to know the goals, habits and mind-set of this key demographic.
Role: Research, interview, report.
Result: Honest and spirited conversations.

An L.A. Trans Story

Assignment: City of Los Angeles – Paratransit Pitch.
Idea: Designed a modular mobile transit simulator for 300,000 sq. ft in DTLA & satellite facilities + staffing recommendations, process map and digital assessment platform.
Role: Concept, research, creative direction, design, graphics, copy, project leadership, more.
Results: Finalist.

Personnel Chart

Simulator Street Crossing

Process Graphic

Simulator Bus Exterior

Digital Testing Platform

Simulator Bus Interior

Leader of the Pak

Opportunity: Asian Casting Director hopes to better promote diversity in Hollywood.
Created: Logo, Social media, Website, more.
Role: Concept, strategy, headlines, design, more.
Result: Casting Society of America's go-to voice for diversity related media inquiries.

Late Nite Q & A

Challenge: Company preparing to go public was looking to raise their profile with investors and "launch strong."
Idea: Late-night CEO live Online chat forum where potential investors could meet the boss, learn more about the company and get direct answers before the start of the trading day.
Role: Concept, client prep.
Results: Launched strong.

Seeing The Light

Challenge: Start-up approaching large Ministry about funding solar efforts in Africa.
Idea: Graphic Powerpoint presentation
Role: Script + graphics
Result: Opened relationship / ongoing.

Polish To Shine

Challenge: Punch-up the Vision Statement for a large corporate IT group.
Original: Focus on consumer journey and align technology strategies to execute the brand’s  objectives. Provide sustainable processes and technology leadership to enable levers of growth, competitive edge and innovation.
Role: Writer
: Impress at every touchpoint of the consumer journey by aligning technical strategies and brand business objectives with proven customer needs. Promote growth, competitive edge and innovation by providing sustainable processes and latest technologies.

Spark Up The Slurpee

Challenge: Re-invigorate the Slurpee brand.
Ideas: Presented range of new flavors, uses and partnerships.
Role: Concepts.
Highlight: Slurpee energy drink concept was chosen to move forward.


Challenge: To elevate and differentiate products and companies within the constantly evolving cannabis landscape.
Experiences: Wide variety of canna-involvements, canna-connections and canna-interactions.
Role: Strategy, creative direction, ideas, copy, graphics, relationships, more.
Results: "Steve constantly came up with new ideas and thoughts as though we were in a constantly evolving landscape. Which, in fact, we were!"

Turning Red Black

Assignment: Brochure to help attract new students.
Excerpt: The Hollywood Schoolhouse is an oasis of quality learning, neatly tucked in the middle of Hollywood. Over the years, we’ve expanded beyond just the little red schoolhouse and added a number of modern facilities to help enrich the student’s educational experience.
Role: Copy.
Results: Increase in parental queries.

Gas Station Hook Up

Challenge: Start up to help independent auto shops become more technically savvy.
Solutions: Customizable Ad kit of presentations, B2B Sales Web site, descriptive one-sheet, customer sign-up pads, trade-show banner, B2C / shop-to-customer customizable Web site template, huge library of email coupons and informative in-shop customer posters.
Role: Strategy, creative direction, copy, graphics, more.
Result: Sold to investor.

Demonizing The Demon Kings

Challenge: Americanization and translation of a French interpretation of a much-beloved ancient Chinese tale.
Assignment: Film script polish
Role: Co-writer.
Result: AFI distributor called it his favorite film of the week.


Challenge: Secure a next round of funding for an interactive, artificially intelligent astrology Avatar that will live on all our digital devices.
Task 1: Name – Izatso (Pronounced 'is that so.)
Task 2: Dialogues – Fill Izatso's head with enough interesting reparté to encourage User interaction. Created a large conversation database of prompts and natural responses to accompany her wide range of looks and actions.
Role: Naming, writer, more.
Result: A next round of funding.