The Marketing Dept.

Client: ADAride | Art Hulscher - President & CEO
Opportunity: Panel & discussion to stimulate ideas for better Senior and Paratransit community transportation.
Assignment: Phone consultation.
Results: Note from Client / Art below.

I was preparing for one of the most important presentations of my career. I was knowledgeable and confident, but a voice in my head said you better check with Steve. He’s been valuable to my business on numerous occasions, but this last-minute consult was a real game changer.

For the panel discussion, I was imagining an 'us vs. them' style clash, so I created a data intense PowerPoint presentation to support my perspective. In hindsight, my game plan would have only cemented my already unfortunate reputation as a “my way or the highway” type guy.

Steve listens and understands the complexities of my business. Most importantly, he focuses on making sure my brand, and myself, are effective and well received. I’m emotional. Steve works through my meshuggeneh to help me see how things should really go. In this case, he encouraged me to drop the negative energy, as well as my boring PowerPoint. Man, was that a home run! After more than a decade, my customers and competitors finally embraced my point of view. Plus, not turning down the lights and getting bogged down with a bunch of slides like the rest of the panel made me appear far more competent and prepared. I was totally engaged with the audience.

I highly recommend Steve. He really gets it!