Social Media Reviews

Sanjay is a talented Musician, Artist & Producer. He’s spiritual, conscientious, knowledgeable about nutrition and the healing powers of herbs and crystals. He regularly performs around Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Desert and very much enjoys the freedom of his lifestyle.

Sanjay's Goal: Figure out how to get more out of every Instagram Post.


Purpose of Sanjay’s Instagram: Further his artistic, business and social pursuits.

Metaphorically speaking: Sanjay is a butterfly. Butterflies fly. They flitter, land and take back off - adding a quick splash of beauty wherever they go. Butterflies do not like to be caught or caged - Their magic is in the freedom to dance.

Recommendation: Sanjay’s Instagram account should be: A butterfly’s collection.

The butterfly's collection is where Sanjay can house and display his various and numerous inspirations. The title's play on words is open to interpretation. That way, Sanjay's many interests can live cohesively within the collection.

Posts: Each time Sanjay Posts, it was suggested that he targets at least one of his three audiences (Music / Art crowd, Business associates and Social interactions).

Idea: Dotting the landscape like a butterfly - topically engaging his audiences with something inspirational they can spark to.


Successful formula: One common element in most successful Social Media campaigns is regularity in posting. It's important to create a schedule and stick to it. Doesn’t really do any good to post once per month, then three times in one week, then not for five days... if you’re in, be in.

Captions: Dealing with captions consistently is also important. Decide whether you are going to serve things up in first person, or speak from a third party POV. Then stick to it.

Maximizing Posts: Combine pics, words and hashtags to make each effort unique and beneficial to your audience(s).

Strong campaigns: Posts must stand out on their own, but also naturally fit into the grand scheme of things.

Big picture: The Instagram ‘wall’ employs a three-across grid. Make sure to look at it as a whole and vary the visuals of your Posts to create a likable macro look.