"You Guys Rock"

Situation: Danielle has always dreamed of the Semi-Charmed Life. Ten plus years ago in San Francisco, she had a thing for Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer of Third Eye Blind. She also happened to live in the same neighborhood and would see him at the local coffee shop. Danielle really wanted to tell Stephan how she felt, without coming off like some bubble-gum groupie.

Idea: Put the ball in Stephan’s court by employing some intentional miscommunication. Danielle was instructed how to silently mouth and over-enunciate the phrase: "You guys rock.”

Practice practice practice: Danielle’s mouth began to naturally create an eyebrow raising, yet unconfirmable alternative interpretation to the phrase that would surely leave Stephan guessing. “Did she just say she wants my cock?!?” This playful confusion would be punctuated by a playful wink and cute, but sexy smile that would allow Stephan to fill in the blanks with his own imagination. Danielle was ready if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Exciting / true development: Years later, Danielle posted the following message:

Follow up: Danielle laughed about the prospect of her and Stephan finally meeting after all this time. She was confident her mouth could still do the job.

Later that evening: Danielle and Stephan finally met. And it appears Danielle rocked it nicely.

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