Going Green

Canna-Strategy, Execution & Results

Challenge: Create a fresh positioning for a new stoner comedy.
Executions: Digital campaign showcased the film as the ideal movie party party movie.
Roles: Concept, set design, creative direction, project leadership, more.
Result: Named High Times Top 5 stoner comedies to enjoy with friends.


"Steve has an uncanny ability to "be" the audience without sacrificing the essence of what the filmmaker is trying to express. It is a comforting feeling knowing that, as hard as you worked to make the film, he is in there with you working with equal ardor to see that it has a long life. For me, that meant developing a highly creative video ad campaign that captured the attitude of my film and presenting it as an experience to share with friends. He organized and supervised the entire campaign and delivered on time, on budget. His work speaks for itself. In fact, it's so good, it could be its own entertainment ecosystem outside the film it was created to promote. As satisfied as I was with the work Steve did, what stands out to me the most, is the way he would call and/or text with new ideas and thoughts about strategy as though we were in a constantly evolving landscape and playing with a living thing. Which, in fact, we were. The most important element a filmmaker requires when it comes to selling their picture is a partner vested in its success like Steve is. I can't recommend him enough." – Clif Lord | Writer-Director | "Doobious Sources"


Representing musical artist in his cannabis partnership pursuit.

Opportunity: Grammy Nominated music Producer seeks canna-sponsorship.

The touch: Last year, Yeti Produced a Grammy Nominated Best Raggae Album and his Hollywood-based Himalayas Studio also recorded a Best Rap Song Grammy Nominee. This year, it's fresh things from Doja Cat and much more.


Asked to serve up a dispesary-focused series and over-the-top game show for recent Canna-Investor client pitch.

Scripted series starring a BUDTENDER and the goings on when someone enters a faux dispensary’s shangri-la back area set and steps up to the counter. Episodes revolve around the variety of 'interesting' folks who come in and their new or on-going relationship with our Budtender(s). Some customers come in for recreational purposes, some medical. There are new customers and returning faves (or not-so-favorites). Online episodes have two or three Customers per story, including interactions with Budtender, others in line and the BIG SECURITY DUDE character. Can explore excitement of first time, satisfaction of re-stocking, edible adventures, vape vs dab, products, strains, happy-hour deals...

"Hit that"

Game Show challenges 'partiers' ability to party and perform. Based on correct answers to categorical questions (Or victories in physical challenges), teams gain points to win canna-related prizes. With each victory, teams can hit the bowl themselves, or pass it to otheir opponents. Each toke is accompanied by the studio crowd chant “Hit that!” (Teams can choose to hit that themselves to loosen up, or pass the bowl and take their opponents down by getting them so high they’ll be too stupid to take on future challenges correctly.) As the game progresses, Contestants become more comical and the "Hit that" mantra becomes more playfully ingrained. Game Q & A and challenges TBD.

Understanding the Buzz

Early in career, crafted TV and radio campaigns for White Castle Hamburgers. During this time, restaurants experienced multiple months of continuous sales increases. Also won many awards for creativity and effectiveness. All by employing the loveable characteristics of cannabis culture.